Thomas S. Ryan, LCPC Certified Gottman Therapist


I always encourage my clients to seek insight about themselves for the purpose of living more rich and meaningful lives.  I have found the use of objective and valid screening tools to be helpful for my clients.  Further, when my clients choose to share their results with me I have found the information to be a valuable aid in our work together.

Please consider taking the following free assessments found on to begin your own self-explorations:

Depression Test: Click Here

Anxiety Test: Click Here lets you see how others see you.  It comprises “40 easy questions but delivers a suprisingly insightful assessment.” YouJustGetMe

Harvard’s Project Implicit tries to show how unconscious biases can affect our decisons.  Project Implicit

The New York Times says that is “one of the best online mental health resources.”  It is a simple test for measuring your risk of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.  It doesn’t replace a professional assessment, but is a good starting place.