Thomas S. Ryan, LCPC Certified Gottman Therapist

About My Practice




Marriages worn thin by habit, or suffering from the stresses of work and children, or even those torn by an affair can be revived and made to flourish thanks to 30 years of research on the “Masters” and “Disasters” of relationship.

My training at The Gottman Institute in Seattle provides research-based interventions to manage problems like transition to parenting, job loss, life after children, and even surviving an affair.

I also work with people with personal struggles.  I spent 20 years specializing in the treatment of trauma.  I offer help and perspective to men and women suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, anger management difficulties and problems associated with job loss, divorce and other major life transitions.

I don’t treat children and seldom treat families as a group, preferring to help the parents become better at modeling conflict resolution and affect regulation skills for their children.

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